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Pet Damaged Carpet

Repairing Pet Damaged Carpet with Ease in Thousand Oaks

Pets are adorable. They make you laugh; they love you unconditionally; and keep you physically and mentally fit. However, pets also have a tendency to scratch, chew or dirty carpets, making it necessary for you to seek pet damaged carpet repair service. Thousand Oaks Rescue Carpet Repair ensures that you never have to think about replacing a pet damaged carpet as we have the necessary experience, expertise and knowledge to repair a pet damaged carpet with ease.

Pet Damaged Carpet Repair Thousand Oaks CA

Pets and Carpets: The Eternal Tussle

Pets and carpets seem to have a love hate relationship. You may notice your pet sometimes sleeping on the carpet and other times angrily trying to gnaw it. Some pets use the carpet to clean their claw while other may decide to soil it if you don’t take them out regularly. And, if your pet suffers from separation anxiety, you can be certain that your carpet will bear the brunt of this anxiety.

Regardless of the damage your pet wreaks on the carpet, Thousand Oaks Rescue Carpet Repair has got you covered. We can repair any pet damaged carpet, even if the damage is extensive and you may feel that you have no other alternative but to replace the carpet. We have the necessary equipment to repair the damaged portions of your carpet with ease.

Our Pet Damaged Carpet Repair Process

We have a unique method to repair pet damaged carpets. Once you call and schedule an appointment with our technicians, you can relax as we will ensure that your carpet get restored to its former glory, thus doing away with the need to replace the carpet.

Our technicians will visit your home at a time that is convenient to you to inspect the carpet and find out the extent of the damage. Thereafter, we will provide you with the most appropriate carpet repair solution.

Usually, we cut out the damaged portion of the carpet and replace it with a permanent section. We source the piece from an inconspicuous corner of your home so that no one will know that you had your carpet fixed. Then using our quick-set epoxy resin, we will join this new piece to the existing carpet. Our method of fixing is perfect and you will not be able to discern where the new piece was affixed.

In case you don’t have surplus carpet to replace the damaged portion, you needn’t worry. Our technicians always travel in a well-stocked truck that has carpet remnants. We will check these remnants and select one that is most suitable for your carpet.

Many times, pet damage carpet may require re-stretching. We perform this as well as we never venture out without our handy power stretchers. Usually, you would need to re-stretch the carpet when it meets wood or tiles or at doorway transitions. We can re-stretch the carpet after repairing it so that you have a gorgeous and taut carpet once again.

Our pet damaged carpet repair service not only is efficient, but it also saves you time and money. You can get the carpet repaired quickly and for a reasonable amount. This is what makes it a more preferable option to replacing the entire carpet.

Contact Us Today!

If you have a pet damaged carpet, you don’t have to get rid of it. Instead, get in touch with Thousand Oaks Rescue Carpet Repair and our technicians will ensure your carpet is repaired seamlessly. We will provide you with a no-obligation estimate after inspecting your carpet. You can be certain that with Thousand Oaks Rescue Carpet Repair, you will never have to worry about being overcharged or accepting poor quality carpet repair service. We provide guarantee for our workmanship. So, call us today and let us handle your pet damaged carpet.